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Don Lemon's BFF Calls Trump

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More NFL Players & Coaches Kneel for Anthem, CNN Pansy Marc Lamont Hill is "Very Happy"
"No Bikinis Allowed!" Watters Interviews "Hillbilly Hotties" Baristas
"We Keep Voting Democrat!" Candace Owens Tells Watters What EVERY Black American Needs to Hear
Don Lemon's BFF Calls Trump "Vile and Disgusting" for Calling Out the NFL
“WHERE Are the FEMINISTS??” Tomi Lahren in HEATED Catfight over Melania Trump Bullying
"Get that Son of a B*tch OFF the FIELD!!!" Trump BLASTS the NFL for Flag Disrespect
"Pumpkin Spice Lattes are Racist??" Tucker Can't Believe Feminists are Going After Starbucks
"ABOLISH the Electoral College??" Tucker LAUGHS at Hillary's Latest CNN Interview
"Hollywood Said NOTHING Until Hillary Lost!!" Tucker OWNS Rob Reiner on Russia Hypocrisy
"Nancy Pelosi is CONGRATULATING Lawbreakers!!" Tucker Takes on DACA Defender
"We SHOULDN'T Require Photo IDs to Vote??" Tucker Carlson Debates Liberal Lawyer
"DON'T Pull That Cr@p on Me!" Tucker Gets MAD at NFL Player for Disrespecting the Anthem and Flag
"This is INSANE Language from Keith!" Ben Shapiro RIPS Keith Ellison over WW2-Dreamer Comparison
"DACA HURTS Blacks!!" Tucker Reacts to NAACP's Lawsuit Against Trump
“But Hillary’s a Human Being” Tucker vs Hillary Supporter on Challenging Election Results
"You Cast BINDING SPELLS on Trump??" Tucker Carlson Interviews a Hot Witch
"These Hollywood People are HYPOCRITES!!" Watters and the Five Crew GO OFF on the Emmys
"You Have NO Right to DEMAND Anything!!" Tucker Carlson RIPS Entitled Illegal Immigrant
"Hollywood HATES You!!" Tucker Carlson GOES OFF on the Emmys
“This Guy is a DISGRACE” Dan Bongino DESTROYS Professor Pez Dispenser
"Press Secretaries Don't Make That Call" Trey Gowdy Doesn't Care About Sarah Sanders
15 Minutes of Hillary Clinton Being "Honest"
"Illegals Deserve the Right to VOTE??" Tucker Carlson vs Creepy Beta Male
"What Kind of Animal Attacks a Disabled Veteran?" Watters and Tim Pool Discuss Portland
"They're Useful Idiots" Tucker Carlson Interviews Professor Victor Davis Hanson
"They'll Need to Hire More Therapists" Ben Shapiro Recaps Berkeley Event with Watters
“I Love B00BS and the 1st Amendment!” Clay Travis TRIGGERS CNN Anchor into Oblivion
Cop-Hating Kid Drops F-BOMB on LIVE TV at St. Louis Protest!!
"I Want to Thank Those Morons" Ben Shapiro on Berkeley Event, ESPN Jemele Hill Controversy
Ben Shapiro SHREDS Every Snowflake at UC Berkeley (Full Q&A)

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