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The next 100 people to upload a video to NepTime will receive 25 IMT and 250 points ($5)! Just make sure to update your BNB wallet address for IMT donations on your settings page.


How do I take down copyright?

Click the "Report" icon at the bottom right-hand corner of the video then click the "Report Copyright" link. Fill in all the required information, then click submit. We will review your submission and get back to you with a response within 1 to 3 business days. If the video is determined to be in violation of copyright, it will be immediately removed from our site.

How do I earn points and what are they for?

Points are earned for various activities done on NepTime. 100 points are equivalent to $1.00 USD. The following breaks down how many points are given for each activity.

Commenting on videos: 5 points
Liking videos: 3 points
Disliking Videos: 2 points
Watching videos: 1 point
Uploading videos: 10 points

General users are limited to earning no more than 10 points per day while pro users can earn up to 25 points per day.

Points can be redeemed for USD once the user earns the points equivalent of $10 USD.

Before funds are disbursed to the user, activity will be vetted to make sure that they are in adherence to NepTime's terms of use.

Any user who violates NepTime's terms of use in order to earn points will be permanently banned from NepTime.

What is IMT?

IMT is NepTime's reflection finance token that when held earns the holder dividends from all token transactions. The longer you hold it the more of it you get. Read the IMT Whitepaper for more details on how it works.

How do I monetize my videos on NepTime?

You must submit verification information in order to monetize on NepTime. We will review your information as well your channel and its content and reply within 10 business days if we determine your channel qualifies for monetization. Once approved, all videos you upload will be monetized based on the value of prepaid ads that are displayed on your videos.

What is the video upload limit on NepTime?

The upload limit is 1 gb for general users and 10 gb for pro users.