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The next 100 people to upload a video to NepTime will receive 25 IMT and 250 points ($5)! Just make sure to update your BNB wallet address for IMT donations on your settings page.

About us

NepTime is a free social video sharing platform where users can upload, share and watch their favorite videos online. Monetize videos and earn revenue from your original content! The aim is to provide users with a platform where they can freely express their views and opinions without censorship. NepTime creates an ecosystem that is community friendly allowing users the freely upload content that is within their legal rights to do so. Unlike other platforms, we do not block or remove content because of people's views/ opinions so long as the content is not violent or hateful. NepTime aligns to no political agenda and is therefore not obligated to censor certain content. Community is always first at NepTime, and third-party advertisers are advised as such.

Use of service

In order to upload video content, you must have a registered account with NepTime. As a guest you will not able to upload video content to the website; you can only watch, and share video content.

Distribution of the content

By uploading and making your content accessible on NepTime, you agree to allow any guest of the NepTime, to view and share your content online via any form of content sharing method that NepTime utilizes. Registration of account Account registration is free of cost; anyone can join NepTime regardless of country or region.

Copyrighted content

NepTime has very strict policies regarding copyright infringement and we do have the complete right to terminate your channel if we receive multiple copyright infringement notifications about your content from copyright holders.


NepTime allows content creators to monetize their videos. You can join our monetization program anytime by enabling monetization from the settings page, which will allow you to start receiving ad revenue.

Invalid clicks (self clicking)

NepTime does not allow publishers to click on ads we place on or alongside their videos. Any incentive traffic or botted views are prohibited. Accounts that fall under these categories will lose their monetization ability and their channel may be terminated.

Pornography/ Nudity

NepTime strictly prohibits content that is pornographic in nature or portrays any form of nudity. We vehemently forbid anyone from uploading child pornography or any content related to such. Accounts found in violation of these terms will be permanently banned from NepTime and if necessary, legal steps will be taken.

Violence/ Hate Speech

Any content that promotes violence or hate speech is strictly prohibited. Users are asked to report any content that promotes hatred or violence towards any group of people.

Cyber Bullying

Any form of bullying that is done whether by video or comment/ discussion on NepTime is strictly prohibited.


We process payments once a month and pay approximately 15 days after the end of the month so if you reach our payment threshold of 50 USD within a month, you will be paid on the 15th of the following month.