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Pets & Animals

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silicone baby doll

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song of gotes馃悙馃悙

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funny moments

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This video was taken at my village , in south India.
the ducks are reared for their meat and eggs.

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This is the moment a sweet-toothed elephant stopped passing trucks so he could steal a trunk full of sugar cane. The juvenile, nicknamed Auan-tia by a park ranger, ambled out of the woods and blocked the road like it was his ''own police checkpoint''. The wild elephant then happily took the agricultural products from fully stacked passing trailers in the Wildlife Sanctuary in Chachoengsao, Thailand, yesterday (08/01) morning.
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Debussy "Clair de Lune" for a gentle female elephant called Ampan. Ampan is 80 years old and lives with us as Elephants World in Thailand. She is blind in one eye and can barely see with the other. 80 years old is very old indeed for an elephant, it鈥檚 about 10 years past the natural life span of an elephant in the wild.

My recording of Debussy 鈥淐lair de Lune鈥 in full

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Tiger comes to zookeeper's rescue attacked by a leopard

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Although this behavior may seem shocking to those that have not spent time around dog parents and their puppies, this is completely normal. Sassa's Dad was always very loving and playful towards his puppies and would often cuddle with them and teach them how to play. However, puppies are HIGH STRUNG at this age and often don't understand when it's time to calm down. Puppies need to learn how to act from their parents in the first critical 8 weeks together. Many times it is the mother that does the most growling and snarling at her pups when they need to learn a certain behavior, especially throughout their weaning process. This communication and body language can be fascinating to watch in animals. Rest assured - Sassa's littermates and herself were very loved and safe with her fur parents :) Enjoy!

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Spanky vs Basil play fighting, believe it or not, they are best friends.

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鈦 Rottweiler climbs a tree.

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鈦ears in our pool.

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Today, I took my dog outside with me to ride on scooter. My rott really enjoyed the ride and asking for more ride.

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鈦ottweiler on a bicycle.

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鈦inyl Cat.

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鈦uda Fence Company is a family-owned business that specializes in fence repair in Austin TX. They have been repairing fences in the Austin area for over many years and have the experience and expertise to handle any fence repair project you may need.

Buda Fence Company
308 wincliff drive, Buda, TX 78610

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鈦he Strongest LION PRIDE in Luangwa Valley - National Geographic Documentary 2020 (Full HD 1080)

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鈦he Most Venomous Snakes in the World - Modern Dinosaurs

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鈦ogs Playing!

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鈦obbed by Raccoons!

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鈦unny Animal Videos 2022 ? - Best Dogs And Cats Videos ??

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