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Handling Your Child’s Tooth Loss Tips from Skye Canyon Children’s Dentists

4 Views· 05/15/24
Desert Kids Dental
Desert Kids Dental
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Losing a tooth is a big milestone in a child's life! Here’s how to safely assist if your child has a loose tooth
• Clean Hands: Make sure both your hands and your child's hands are washed thoroughly.
• Gentle Grip: Use a clean tissue or gauze to hold the tooth. Always check with your child for any pain or discomfort before proceeding.
Safe Removal:
• Technique: If the tooth is very loose, apply gentle pressure with a slight twisting motion.
• No Force: If the tooth doesn’t come out easily or if it causes pain, it’s better to wait or seek advice from a dentist.
When to Consult a Dentist:
• Unsure about a tooth? Have concerns? It’s always safe to consult with a Skye Canyon children’s dentist.

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