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Olli - Verbotene Liebe 16.12.2014 b, English subtitles (Episode 4626)

11 Views· 05/20/22
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Olli's scene with Lara from episode 4626 of Verbotene Liebe, originally broadcast on 16.12.2014.

The Olli/Jo stuff from this ep is in a previous video (sorry for the editing error).

For updates on when the next video will be available (or any questions), I have a Twitter account:
I will post after every episode has aired, saying whether or not there were any Olli scenes, and an estimate of when the video will be uploaded. And then link to the video when it is.

Re: Comments -
Please do not post spoilers. Speculation or guesses are okay, but don't ruin it for anyone else. If you post a spoilery comment I will delete it. (...This might mean a comment gets deleted even if you weren't deliberately posting spoilers - if you're very good at guessing for example - so sorry about that.)

If you post anything containing homophobic slurs (or racist/sexist/transphobic/ableist/etc ones, but you've all managed to contain yourselves on that front, so far) then your comment will be deleted without warning.

Frequently asked question: "Where is Christian?"
Short version: Christian moved to England for his job as a horse trainer. It was meant to be temporary but he decided to stay longer, and although he and Olli tried having a long distance relationship, it didn't work out. So they got divorced. (This was because the actor playing Christian got a job as a TV host instead.)
Long version: Watch the videos, they're all online. You want to start on the ChrolliWorldWide channel.

FYI, this channel is for people who are interested in Olli's current storyline. None of the videos here feature Christian or Chrolli, so if that was your primary reason for liking Verbotene Liebe this may not be the place for you. I am biasedly and unobjectively an Olli-fan and have zero interest in reading negativity directed at him in the comments. This is not a blanket ban on criticism, discussion or debate. But if your criticism can be essentially summarised as "Olli is so irritating now that Christian is gone.", then it is not particularly welcome here. Sorry. This is my Youtube channel, not America, you do not have absolute freedom of speech here.

In general, discussion and debate about the show, especially at length, probably would be better suited to a discussion forum such as The Gays Of Daytime - Verbotene Liebe board:

You are also welcome to comment on my English episode recap/summaries that I post on Livejournal (approx a day behind the subbed videos):

For full episodes, and other videos see the Official VL Youtube Channel here

For subless VL videos divided by storyline, see
(From whom I sometimes borrow the edited videos, so thank you very much to them for that.)

The playlist with the full Olli/Jo storyline so far, with English subtitles:

(Apologies for any errors due to my mishearing/misunderstanding/mistranslating/missubbing - German is not my first language (or even my second). If you have any corrections or feedback, please comment.)

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