ROBLOX Snowboarding


This is a Snowboarding game. You can Free Ride, Race with friends, Earn all 7 badges, Collect Points, and Buy all 4 Gamepasses.

There are 7 badges you can win at this game.

There are 5 gamepasses at the moment.
The "Tips" gamepass is 5 Robux and 10 tix all the funds from it go for ads so people can keep finding this game.
The "Festive Ro-Ped" Game Pass gives you Festive Ro-Ped in game.
The "Merely's Sparkle Time Hoverboard +15 Speed" Game Pass gives you Merely's Sparkle Time Hoverboard that has 15 Extra speed compared to the reg board in game.
The "Hang Glider" Gamepass gives you a Hang Glider in game Most get a blue hang glider but a small 1% get the orange one.
The "Plank Board" Gamepass gives you a Plank board that is 5 Miles Per hour faster then reg board and has a 1 sec longer speed boost.

Remember for gamepasses to work you must be in a new server you have not been to yet. That is the rule for all gamepasses in Roblox.

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