Richard Jefferson's Snapchat: LeBron James

26 Sep 2021

Richard Jefferson's Snapchat: LeBron James. What Do I Do With All This Time Off.

Watch as Richard Jefferson's Snapchats his Cleveland Cavaliers teammates. LeBron James Snapchat Story. Watch as LeBron James mocks the media in a private locker room following a playoff win. His Snapchat shows the Cavaliers having a slightly better chemistry than has been rumored. If I told you that an NBA player had the best Snapchat of anyone this side of DJ Khaled, Richard Jefferson is probably not the first person who would come to mind. NBA Superstar LeBron James takes his Instagram and Snapchat Story very seriously. Richard Jefferson even caught lebron james thinking Channing Frye was going to "Throw that bitch off the glass" Everyone seems to love Richard Jefferson's Snapchat, including his Cleveland Cavaliers Teammate LeBron James himself.

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