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AAAAAHHHHHH!!! A train is about to hit my car! Welcome to "Drive your car on the railroad tracks!" There is a bus, 2 limos, 4 trucks, and 2 trains! The "REGEN" button is near the tracks! This is a good place to rec. a vid. for youtube called "Drive Justin Beiber on the railroad to let him die!" If there is someone annoying just report it to "TheBestOneOnRoblox!" Well... Be safe unless you want to be hit by the train! If you try to kick someone out of this game, there is no kicking skript! Sory! I'll get a kicker skript soon! Have fun! By the way, there is no dating aloud in this game! If you want to date you can go to "Boy and girl hangout!" Bye and have very very very fun!!! Bye!

Visit this place at http://www.roblox.com/Drive-yo....ur-car-on-the-railro

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